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Throughout his multi—decade career Gilbert Ling wrote 4 distingushed books beginning with his seminal work: A Physical Theory of the Living State: the Association–Induction Hypothesis. He would go on to write three more volumes exploring the basic foundations of life.

A Revolution in the Physiology of the Living Cell

Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level: The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology

Published by Pacific Press, Inc. 2001
373 pages.

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What is Life Answered

What ls Life Answered in terms of properties and activities of microscopic assemblies of molecules, atoms, ions and electrons called Nano-protoplasm

Published by Pacific Press, Inc. 2013
126 pages.
ISBN 978-0-615-94793-8

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A Physical Theory of the Living State: the Association-Induction Hypothesis

A Physical Theory of the Living State: The Association-Induction Hypothesis

Living cells are the basic unit of all life, ranging from minute single-celled organisms, like bacteria (e.g., E. coli) and protozoa (e.g., amoeba) to giant many-celled organism like ourselves. Physico-chemically speaking, all living cells share similar basic attributes. They all contain a large amount of water, making up some 80% of the cell's weight--- though it could be as low as 50% and as high as 90%. The rest of the cell consists mostly of giant proteins molecules (and in much smaller amounts , the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA and carbohydrates like glycogen). It is the nature and amounts of the cell proteins that determine the characteristics of living cells---although proteins are dictated by the genetic information carried in DNA and RNA. The cell also contains an assortment of small molecules and ions. Some of these small molecules and ions like ATP are vital to life.

Blaisdell Publishing Company, A Division of Random House, Inc., London.
1962. 682 pages.
Library of Congress Catalogue Number: 62-11835

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In Search of the Physical Basis of Life

In Search of the Physical Basis of Life

The living cell is the basic unit of life. Toward understanding of the living phenomenon in general and toward the erection of a solid foundation for future biomedical research it is vital to know "What are the fundamental distinctions between a living cell and a dead one?·'

Plenum Press, New York and London. 1984.
791 pages.
ISBN 0-306-41409-0

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A Revolution in the Physiology of the Living Cell

A Revolution in the Physiology of the Living Cell

A new theory of the living cell, the association-induction hypothesis, has been proposed. This book examines this revolution in cell physiology which has successfully withstood 25 years of world-wide testing. It has already generated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Krieger Publishing ompany. 1992
378 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0894643989
ISBN-10: 0894643983

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