lp2aa AIDS cost and incidence

Kramer, L., "A Good News/Bad News AIDS Joke", The New Work Times Magazine, July 14, 1996, pp. 26-29.

"The cost of my current drugs, which do not include a protease, already amounts to about $19,000 a year... Tom Stoddard, a New York University adjunct law professor and gay-rights advocate, wrote a letter to the editor saying that his cost $84,000 a year. Indeed, the seriously sick can find their annual drug cost exceeding $150,000. ..."(p.26, 1st column, paragraph 4).

How many of the estimated 650,000 to 900,000Americans with H.I.V. won't be able to afford protesase inhibitors?..."(p.26, 2nd column, paragraph 2).