lp21c "Gutting" basic research support

(Rep) Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman , House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, Washington, in his Letter to the Editor to the New Work Time dated October 9, 1996

"To the Editor: Your front page piece on basic scientific research (Oct. 8, 1996) quotes Under Secretary of Commerce Mary Good as saying that President Clinton asked Congress for increases in basic research, "and if he had not asked, the cuts would have been greater."

In fact, this Administration has let basic research funds remain flat, while demanding major increases in funds for marketing programs and "demonstration projects" by major corporations. These only promote the commercialization of existing technology.

In testimony before my subcommittee this year, Administration officials admitted that the Clinton "balanced budge plan" calls for gutting basic research funds beginning in the fiscal years 1998, while retaining so-called "market development" programs."