lp18a "Reconstitution of Membrane Transport Functions"

In The Receptors. (Ed. By R.D. O'Brien), Plenum Publ. Co., New York , Vol. 1, pp. 1- 31, 1979, by A and Racker, E.

" However, in view of the repeated claims of a vocal minority of physiologists (Ling, 1969; Ling et al, 1973) that active transport of Na+ and K+ across the cell membrane does not exist, it is worthwhile to point out the importance of the reconstitution of active transport in a biochemically minimal system" (for the final outcome of this so-called reconstituted active transport system, see linked page lp7{4} ).

The full list of authors of the second 1973 reference cited is: Ling, GN, A, and Ochsenfeld, M.M. Did A and E. Racker regard A himself as a member of the "vocal minority"? It is really curious.