Lp12 Corralled in an overarching net

To illustrate the seamless overarching net over the entire world of cell physiology, from which there is neither niches to hide in, nor ways for escape, I cite the signed testimonial of a very talented and courageous young German scientist, Dr. Ludwig Edelmann of the University of Saarland in what was then West Germany:

"...In 1969 I read Ling's book "A Physical Theory of the Living State: the Association-Induction Hypothesis, 1962" for the first time. The argument put forward against the commonly taught membrane pump theory were so convincing to me that I started to carry out experiments which seemed to be suitable to test predictions of the membrane pump theory and of the association-induction hypothesis. In 1971 I showed that the influence of K(potassium ion), Rb(rubidium ion), and Cs (cesium ion) on the resting potential of guinea-pig heart muscle cells could be precisely predicted from flux measurements when following the assumptions of the association-induction hypothesis. On the other hand, the results contradicted the predictions of the membrane pump theory. Since that time several professors of our faculty tried to convince me that the membrane pump theory is basically correct and that Ling's theory has been disproved. In July 1972, four referees were invited to discuss my scientific results and conclusions together with the members of our Electrophysiology Department. During this discussion my conclusion could not be refuted. Furthermore, I put forward several arguments against the membrane pump theory and asked the invited referees to write down their opinion against these arguments. I never got an answer. In October 1973 I lost my job.

One referee wrote me a private letter suggesting not to follow a fixed idea further and to look for another scientific field. Finally I wrote to the institution which has(d) funded me for several years and asked for a detailed critique of my scientific work; I never got this critique."

Indeed, to a different scientific field, Dr. Edelmann was forced to go. He gave up his training as a biophysicist and took up a new career as an electron microscopist, for which he had no prior training. Yet being a capable scientist with both excellent hands and superb mind, he soon began to introduce new methods to this field, and before long was able to produce truly exciting new electron-microscopic evidence in support of the AI Hypothesis and against the membrane pump theory (for some of Dr. Edelmann's epoch-making and incisive work in electron-microcopyand related fields, see Ling, "A Revolution in the Physiology of the Living Cell", (Krieger Publ. Co., Malabar, Fl., 1992), Figures 4.6; 4.7; 4.8; 4.10; 4.16; 4.17;8.23.