lp11a An NIH pamphlet

The National Institute of Health presented at a Special Session of the Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology in April, 1972 an article entitled: "The Project-grant Application of the National Institute of Health" which was later printed in Volume 32, pp.1541-1542, 1973 issue of the Federation Proceedings. The author of the article was Dr. George N. Eaves, Executive Secretary of the Molecular Biology Study Section, of the Division of Research Grant of NIH. To emphasize that what was presented in this article is not just the private opinion of Dr. Eaves but the official opinion of NIH, I mention that at the end of the printed article, there is an announcement to the effect that single copies of the article may be obtained from the Information Office, Division of Research Grants, National Institute of Health, Westwood Building, (Room 433), Bethesda, Maryland 20014.The following is the beginning part of the second paragraph in the first column of p. 1542:

"An investigator who is well informed about the peer review process has an advantage. Indeed as Peter Woodford has emphasized in his manual on the teaching of scientific writing (1), the author of a project proposal must learn all he can about those who will read his proposal and keep those readers constantly in mind as he writes...."